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Photo © Tara Cameron 

I heard you gently tapping on my cheek early this morn'
Who tis' this calling so early?
Like the slugs outside my porch, I slowly made my way to the drapes
I began to shut them

But then I wiped my tired eyes and tilted my face up towards yours
Oh, good morning my love
Awakened by a kiss
You are always such a romantic...but why so early dear?

Your kiss is warm and gentle
You play soft melodies as you strum your birds
You send a gentle breeze that soothes my aching body and tired mind
You wrap a soft blanket of love around could I be ill at you?

What's that you say?
Of course my love, you may have this dance
I'll pace back and forth to the rhythm of your heart as I feel it beating against my ear
Accept this offering of praise as I raise my hands towards you

Let's speak in your heavenly tongue so even the devil doesn't know what we share
I know, I know... yes I'm crying...
I know you're saving every tear
I'd only share this part of my heart with you though, dear

Ah... my love, there's a deep ache I feel inside
Could you go and give some of your soothing kisses to these people that I love?
They need you so... I can't kiss them like you can
Please let me intercede if they don't want your kiss just yet

And yes... me too, I know
I forget... me too... I do need you so
Deep anguish is buried inside
Only your precious light can turn those roots into a beautiful flower
Shower me in your light... shower me with more

Let your worker bees spread around your pollen
Because I couldn't keep this just for myself
It's too radiant. It's too magnificant.
It's too glorious not to share

I don't deserve your kisses
Who could ever love me like you do?
No one... no, not no one could kiss me like you do
You wake up so early dear...

But every morning spent bathing in your kisses
is worth every early morning

It's worth it....

... when you're getting kisses from the Son
The waves crash against my chest, and I can't breathe.
They roar as they roll and knock me down.
I get back up and run with all my might... into the waves again.
The mighty waves toss me under the water and throw me into the sand.
I scurry to the top and gasp for air...
Before I can breathe out the waves pounce against me once again.
Silence. Seconds of silence underwater last forever
And I'm tossed around under the roaring waves.

And then His gentle hands reach down and He says "be still."
The waves obey his command.
The waters are silenced... peace... peace...
That's where He keeps me.