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If I could lend you a piece of my soul
what with it would you do...
Could you see the world through my eyes
and then see me...

Could you feel the beat and hear it...
the beat that no one hears but me
The beat that sometimes I trip over my own feet
and sometimes gracefully cascade across the floor to...
As I make my way through this dance I call my life

Could you figure out what makes my
spirit stand out in such a bold silhouette
Yet often, I still invisible

If I could lend you a piece of my soul
could you see past your own insecurities
long enough to see mine...
...long enough to see my heart
long enough to see me...

How loud do I have scream inside
all these jumbled thoughts keep me awake at night
There's so many people here and yet I feel so alone

Sometimes I think it's just me and God
because he's the only one who knows me...
He saw my soul so many times 
and held the little girl who used to stay awake and cry at night

If only... if you knew me...