Category: Friends - His Porcelain Soldier
She Stood.

Some have hurt my heart and made me cry.
Words, and even silence can devastate a soul sometimes.
Still, I stand.

Endless nights in prayer, endless weeping, humbling myself before God and those who do me wrong, and often, not even understanding why...
Still, I stand.

Hurricanes blow my way. The devil and his demons taunt my soul and try to whisper in my ears...
Still, I stand.

Those spirits try to attack my marriage, my children, all those I dearly love... in desperate attempts to knock me down.
Still, I stand.

Sometimes I get weary and discouraged as I walk this path to righteousness. Sometimes I feel like I can't make it anymore and that I was never meant to win this race. Take back your thoughts devil.
Because still, I will stand.

Sometimes I feel unworthy and insignficant. Take back your thoughts devil.
Because still, I will stand.

And there are times I feel like I can't ever do anything right, that I'm so clumsy on this spiritual road. Take back your thoughts devil.
Because... I will stand.

Oh, you think you'll overcome my spirit with doubt? You can have back your doubt... I'll stand.

And do you really think sending guilt and condemnation from my past this way, will break me? Keep your nonsense! I've been forgiven! Regrets are for idle saints.  
I'll stand!

When you're stumbling on your own walk and thinking of taking that other road my brothers and sisters...think of me, and know, I stand. Think of me and know, you too, can stand. Find your salvation again in knowing that His soldiers can stand, because they're covered in His blood!

And when my Maker has called me home, honor my written wishes, and don't hold a funeral for me. Have a singing, shouting, and dancing worship service in His honor, because you've been given your freedom! 

Celebrate my homecoming the way you'd celebrate any soldiers! Wear colors of freedom, and forget any garments in black...

And when someone stands behind a pulpit to give a word in my memory...
...just simply say, "She stood."