I Believe! - His Porcelain Soldier
I believe that when I pray, God hears me!    

I believe that when I pray, His spirit moves & an annointing falls on who ever my prayers are for.

I believe that when I pray, I have the authority of the Holy Spirit... And with that authority, comes great power! It has the power to move mountains. It has the power to bind demons and shake all of hell into submission!

I believe that my prayers never go unanswered. I believe that when I pray, my prayer is already answered before I even asked. There is no such thing as unanswered prayers! They just aren't always answered the way we thought they'd be. But I do believe, that GOD answers them according to HIS will and according to what is best for us & those we pray for. And sometimes, it's not God, but it's US & free will choosing not to accept His gifts.

 I do believe, that ALL THINGS work towards the good for those who believe in HIM. I do believe then, that every prayer is heard and every prayer is answered towards the good in my life! I fully trust in and believe that no matter what, GOD is in control when I pray!

I believe in the POWER of prayer. I have seen it's power work in my life and those around me. I have learned that prayer is more than just a few words uttered from our mouths. We're talking to a KING, King over all things and earth... !  Can we even fathom that?! Can we fathom the power in our prayers?!

I believe and pray, that anyone who reads this will feel His spirit right now and SEE the power of prayer in their own lives as they believe and pray, in Jesus name. Let it be so!

7/13/2010 16:27:22

Woohoo! Praise God!


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