That\'s Me - His Porcelain Soldier
That's Me

My hands are my voice but I'm not deaf.
I'm shy and withdrawn unless I know you well.
Words do not flow easily through my mouth.
I don't do well in a crowd.

My hair is my conviction and glory.
My hips have carried my heart 5 times and harbored 6.
I'm stubborn and pushy.
But I'm compassionate and understanding.

Sometimes I'm spiteful but I don't tell lies.
I'm not a Christian, but a sinner who strives to be like Christ.
I make a lot of mistakes but I learn from them as well.
I'm weak and unworthy; I'm strong and fearless.

I'm an open book if you know which page to find me.
I'm a mystery novel if you don't have time to look.
I'm bold and I'm scared.
I'm spontaneous but logical.

I'm affectionate and excited inside.
But I'm cursed with being reserved.
I'd like to show what's inside.
But I forgot how. I'm not sure if I ever even knew.

I believe a tamed but ambitious heart is simply wisdom.
I believe an untamed heart still has a lot to learn.
I cannot understand where anyone finds pride in that.
My pride is in my wisdom and grace.

I believe to respect your spouse is not demeaning.
I believe it's a reflection of your own self worth instead.
I believe in myself although I don't always meet my expectations.
I also believe in mind over matter when there is a will.

I view the world through the eye of my camera lense.
God is the one with the talent. I just try to capture it.
Although I could never begin to do his work justice.
My eyes see the world inside its frame even when my camera is out of reach.

I don't need glory or fame before I die.
I only need to know that I somehow managed to stumble...
to stumble on God's will, wherever that may be, before I die.
Crawling, walking, climbing, running... I don't really care how I get there.

I'm a constant work in progress.
I think it's funny that people call Christians a hypocrite when they see them doing wrong.
But they call them out for being "holier than thou" when they see them doing right.
I choose not to be identified by my religion, but by my God instead.

I'm self-conscious about myself, inside and out.
I trust easy because everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt.
I don't cry in sad movies.
But I cry when I watch the news.

It took me months just to write this.
Because I am still learning who me is.
I will never stop learning that because I will always grow.
Yep. That's me.

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