The devil's DNA - His Porcelain Soldier
Got the devil's DNA in er'
An' the white dove in her heart
Quite the combination
With quite an ugly start

But hold no regrets dad
It's everything you coulda' been
... everything you shoulda' been
... everything she is
...everything you're not.

You think people fear your eyes
Then maybe they fear mine too
Do you think when they look at me, they see you
Nah... I got another set of eyes dad, didn't you know

At a glance, they might look just like yours' maybe when I'm mad
But eyes are the windows to the spirit
An' that ain't your spirit behind my eyes, dad

Let's have a showdown ol' man
My eyes against yours
Let's stare til' our faces fall off
An' then see, which one of us is left in fear

You ain't nothn' ol' devil
...nothn' at all.

Got the devil's DNA in er'
But The Blood runnin' through her veins
Quite the combination
...quite, the combination.

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