The Rhythm of the Jody - His Porcelain Soldier
They are the shadows you see lingering in the dark.
They will cover your body, try to muzzle your mouth & suffocate you.

They will try to take over your mind and make you think you're losing it.

They have even talked many into ending their own lives simply through their presence.

They are real.
But so is my God!

When your chest feels tight and evil's presence is all around... call out His name, "Jesus!"

When your mouth feels like liquid and you think you can't open it, push with all your might and shout His name!

Worship the Lord better than David did!

Claim your promises because He promised them to you!

Claim His Word because he wrote it for you!

Claim His name because you belong to Him!

Claim His blood because it was shed for you!

Claim His power because He is in you!

Put on your armor.
Grab your weapons soldier.
Open your ears for the sound of your commander's orders. Listen. Obey. 
Don't forget your canteen because you have to stay hydrated. Drink up soldier, drink!
Stay close to your wingman, and watch his back.
Soldier, this is WAR!

Remember your marching formation, get in step with the jody, keep the rhythm with your brothers and sisters, move as one! 

"Forward MARCH!"
 "Quick time", 120! Move! Move!

"Double time" 180!!...

♪ "I'm a soldier...left! left! left!... in God's army.
 And I'm marching...left! left! left!... claiming VICTORY!
I will not give up...left! left! left!... I will not turn around.
I'm a soldier...left! left! left!... marching heaven bound!" ♫

"Troops who march in an irregular and disorderly manner are always in great danger of being defeated."
Vegetius: De Re Militari: A.D. 378

Be ONE with the KING! VICTORY is OURS!
Ray Crandall
5/4/2010 04:08:01

Thank you for this.

5/4/2010 05:00:23

Thank you for reading & leaving a comment! I appreciate that.
Be blessed in Jesus name!

5/4/2010 13:37:34

You're right....this IS war!! Good job.


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