Chocolate Coffee Diaries - His Porcelain Soldier
And so begins a new inspiration from the Lord...

My chocolate coffee guests will be dining with Grandma's fine China today.... this is what we women do!

I have NEVER allowed anyone to use this China. I have decided that I'm going to start using it for a special purpose for God. This is the inheritance Grandma gave me, more than these pieces of fine porcelain so carefully molded the way the Lord carefully molds us. These pieces of porcelain began as a lump of clay. The impurities were removed from the clay until nothing but pure clay was left. It was carefully molded and sent through a firing kiln to several different extreme temperatures until it was finally formed solid. And this is how God molds us. And when life brings us troubles, we can just remember that we might be in the firing kiln when we're walking with God. He turns out beautiful pieces in the end though. All things work towards the good to those who love him.

Grandma gave me this China as an heirloom, an inheritance. But it is an inheritance from God that she really gave me. It's about time I start putting this porcelain to use in his name. That is why he molds it so carefully anyhow. No value be can put on this inheritance. Praise God for the Holy Ghost, and the blood of Jesus!

And praise him for good friends and fellowship!

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