Devastation Shore - His Porcelain Soldier
"When I spread open my wings, just step inside the shadow it casts, relax, and let your feet be lifted off the ground."

They stood along the shoreline and anxiously waited as they watched his magnificant wings spread a part. They wondered if the shadow would be big enough for everyone to fit inside. It didn't look big enough. But everyone fit comfortably inside as they slowly stepped "aboard" the shadow.

As they stepped into the shadow they became like feathers and slowly drifted up off the ground.

"Feel free to move about. You will be safe while we are on our journey, as long as you don't move outside the shadow."

With that, he began to move the glorious wings...slow... then faster and faster, like a propeller on a plane. He began to soar over the crashing ocean waves. The journey was going to be a long one. But no one cared to look back at the devastation they were leaving behind. The only images left of the devastation on the shoreline were the memories stored in their minds.

Memories.... a scene of hunger, poverty, fire, hate, murder, scavengers.... most of them already scattered abroad by the time the winged man appeared. He was only taking the children... the innocent children left to their own inside the devastation... left with no one to care for them, because no one cared...except the winged man.

"You will stay here now for awhile," he said as he landed in a valley, surrounded by ocean, mountains, waterfalls....tranquillity, utopia. He turned and flew off into the endless sea, more children were waiting back at Devastation Shore.

He had sent word back to the shoreline that he'd be back for more when ever they were ready. New children heard the message and they waited on the shore for the winged man to come and save them from Devastation Shore.

Back at the utopia, the children felt safe. Some of them missed their parents and loved ones who couldn't come. They'd send letters back to the shore, with no return address... in hopes that their loved ones could find their way to the winged man too. They couldn't leave a return address. There were bounties on them. An evil one wanted to find them and bring them back to the shore to kill them. But he didn't know where the utopia was or how to get there. He was not allowed there, and it made it him angry. No one was allowed to the utopia but by the winged man. And no one knew the way except the winged man. It was in a secret place surrounded by the sea, deep down in a valley, hidden from the vulgar world."

Sometimes God talks to us through our dreams. If you've ever had a dream from God, you know the difference. God gave me this dream recently. Of all the dreams I've ever dreamt from him, this one has had the most profound impact on my heart. And it was so surreal. Maybe because I know the truth behind this dream, it impacts me so greatly. It's not a fictitcious fantasy dream. It's real. God speaks in metaphors.

I begin to tear up now at the thought of how real this dream is. It is real, and it is powerful... the message, that is. It tears me up because there are so many people out there who don't know how real this God and his salvation is. We are all born on Devastation Shore. But we don't all make it to the utopia. Many of us spend our lives aimlessly wondering Devastation Shore. Many of us never even step into the shadow of his wings. Many of us don't think this is "for" us or that we "don't need" it. I can't count how many times I've heard some one say, "church just isn't for me." People don't even know what they're really saying when they say that.

Some of us do step into the shadow of his wings. There are no walls in the shadow of that flight though. That means we can choose to abort the flight at any given time. All we have to do is step outside the shadow. Some of us look at the shadow & think it doesn't look big enough. We doubt God. Life starts to get a little rough and we want to retreat back to the shoreline. Maybe we look down into the scary sea and become afraid of falling. We have so little faith, and we run. When we step outside the shadow, we only find ourselves falling into a crashing and deadly sea of endless ocean. We have so little faith in God when it matters most. But his wings are always sufficient. Always.

Utopia isn't heaven. It is only the place in your heart where God resides, until we make it to heaven. The journey to utopia is called salvation. The Bible says you must become like a little child, and have the faith of a child to enter heaven... do we, really? How POWERFUL is that thought when you really think about it? Only children are allowed to the utopia...

He makes frequent trips back to Devastation Shore to pick up anymore children who are ready to go. The Bible says in Acts 2:38, "Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. " Then in John 3:5 it says, "Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God." These verses make it very clear on how to get ready to step inside the shadow for the trip to the utopia. And why is the utopia surrounded by water? Water is life. Water is essential to your salvation. It's called baptism. We MUST be born of the water. We are given new live when we're baptised in Jesus name. The Holy Spirit, as John said is a gift for everyone of us, will follow our water birth, and we will be spiritually born.

I am so happy to have left Devastation Shore. Satan puts bounties on us... he wants to bring us back to that place to kill our spirits and bring us down. But God is bigger. God is stronger. And when we're in the shadow of his wings, we are safe. We are covered in the power of the blood of Jesus and nothing can touch us. But if we step outside that shadow... or if we never even step in... well, it's our choice.

(See also Psalms 91, which I later found corrilated with my dream)

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