Intercede - His Porcelain Soldier
Why do you sit there staring?
Are you angry at God?
Does his presence no longer move you?
Or is there bitterness cradling your soul instead?

I don't know your heart... I can't know...
I don't know your pain... I don't want to know...
But I feel deep anguish inside when I pray for you

All I can hope is that my prayers will carry you until you can walk again
And hope that my anguish for you is sufficient until you choose to feel again
And hope that God will accept my sacrifice in place of yours... just til' you make it through...

My mind goes back to my dreams.
God talks to me often there.
I saw you in your lowest despair, oh, but what could I do?
You were gone before I could stop you, and I'd never felt so helpless.
....And then, what could I do?

Awaken from my nightmare...
... awake and intercede... until your nightmare is over.

God will see you through.

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