Stand Still - His Porcelain Soldier
When you don't know which way to go or what to do, just stand still & wait on God to lead you. I have found that often in my past, all I could do is stand still & wait for that cloud to move. I am learning now, that all I ever needed to do was stand still & wait for that cloud to move...His time is perfect, and in obedience to his perfect time, his mercy & blessings flow. But when we try to move before that cloud we step out of his perfect time and perfect will. That hike leads to nowhere.

Exodus 40
36And when the cloud was taken up from over the tabernacle, the children of Israel went onward in all their journeys:

37 But if the cloud were not taken up, then they journeyed not till the day that it was taken up.

Lord, let my heart be a tabernacle to you, and may it move with you on your perfect time, no time before or after, and may it lead me in your perfect will. In Jesus name.

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