Tea Dates - His Porcelain Soldier
Forgive me if I stare, your blue eyes captivate me.
You giggle at the silence as you sip your tea...
We have 20 minutes til' you get ready for school.

You have a few new freckles on your nose.
How many are there now? God truly knows...

"Look at my loose tooth Mom."
I smile... the intellect of the conversation over hot tea brings me joy.
No talk of bills or money, diets, husbands or problems...

Two different worlds, yet one.

Six years have flown by since you were born.
I feel a dull ache inside as seven is only two weeks away.
I move your dirty blonde hair out of your eyes and stare once more...  
in hopes to never forget this moment or that tiny soft face.

I pray your innocence never leaves you and that no one ever steals it away.
I pray that even when that smile leaves your face, it's merely a temporary glimpse...
and that inside, you always remain whole and full of spirit.

I pray Daddy gives you plenty of hugs as you grow
and that we have endless intellectual talks over hot tea.

I pray that God is always your first love...
and that you always stand behind the convictions He instills in you.

You grin at me. I grin at you.
We sip our tea some more.
These are the best kind of tea dates.

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