The Vision - His Porcelain Soldier
God gave me these words one night after fervent prayer (when I was 27.) He had finally given me the intrepretation to a vision I had as a little girl (note; vision, not dream.) I immediately began to write down these words 'in the spirit' describing my vision and its interpretation.

The Vision
 "And the Lord said unto satan, Behold, all that he hath is in thy
  power; only upon himself put not forth thy hand. So satan went forth from the
  presence of the Lord." Job 1:12

A field consumed with dark figures that resembled people was what I saw
  that night. Their eyes stared at me. They wanted me. They wanted me like a wolf
  wants his prey. I stared back with complete innocence and no fear. I wasn't
  afraid of them. They had no power over me. I was eight, and my innocence mocked

My eyes led me to the centerpiece of the table of evil before me. He was
  there. He was there in all his glory...his glow penetrating the atmosphere. He
  knelt as he prayed, and they stood there bound by his powerful presence alone.
  They couldn't touch me. His power was too great. I stared in awe at the
  magnificent scene before me. I stared until my eyes wouldn't stay open anymore
  and then drifted peacefully to sleep.

And as I grew they taunted me. They tried to follow me everywhere. They
  were on every corner of my life. They consumed my home and my family. They
  attacked & devoured all those I loved right before my eyes. They feasted on
  the weak all around me. But they couldn't feast on me. Oh, they couldn't feast
  on me. I was betrothed to another. He had already staked his claim, and they
  couldn't touch me.

Their hell was no match for my beloved. They tried to bring their hell to
  me but my beloved walked alongside me all the way. Where many only saw one
  innocent, helpless girl, they saw two... and they knew, they couldn't touch me.
  And when I was weak and lost he was there. And they couldn't touch me. And when
  I cried and hurt he was there. And they couldn't touch me. And when I wandered
  through the darkness, and the branches and thorns scraped my
body, he was there. And  they couldn't touch me.

  Covered by his blood and fused to his power there was nothing left to
  expect but a mighty explosion. Who are they... but the filth beneath the filth,
  beneath his feet. He does not waiver and the
mountains  bow beneath his feet. His voice guided me through the darkness and
vanquished  their filthy whispers. He led his porcelain soldier home, and they
couldn't  touch me. They couldn't touch me.
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